In-House Capabilities

In-House Fabrication

In-House Testing

In-House Drafting

Design Assist

Service Glass Industries, Inc. features a full-time fabrication force and utilizes some of the most state of the art fabrication equipment such as the Rhino 2000 automated saw. Our highly-trained fabrication team is committed to delivering complex, quality framing systems in a timely manner.




Today’s construction market demands a high-quality product. To ensure our success, we use our test chamber to locate potential water infiltration problems before they become field problems. Not only does this chamber help us locate potential problems, but it is an excellent training aid for our entire staff.


Watch our In-House Test Chamber Video














Once a project is awarded, our project managers will work with our in-house drafting team to produce a high-quality and highly detailed set of documents. We utilize the latest version of CAD software and will work closely with the contractor and design team.


Our team lends their experience to the contractor and design firm in a collaborative effort to work toward providing a solution that combines high-quality products that meet today’s evolving energy codes, incorporates best practices for installation, and addresses potential design issues that could occur during the construction phase. This collaborative effort has proven beneficial to provide owners with the highest quality service and products while taking into consideration the budget for a given project.


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